i can't tell you how many times i passed on this interview

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Just because of the title... because I had only a dim remembrance of Adam Trombly... barely registered the name, seeing the rest of the heading there. Shit. I don't know if it was my conditioning bidding me just hit the snooze button or if I was too sick of the whole Thrive controversy at the time and didn't want to hear about it. Well, it wasn't that, not in the first two hours anyway, and if Catherine hadn't brought it up I might never have gone back to correct my initial error.

If you want to know why America is so docile in the face of so much reason to come untrained, despite how lengthy this ends up being, this will give you a darn good idea. I haven't had a TV, except for about a year back in 1995, just in time to catch the OKC bombing and the OJ trial, and a few short stints couch surfing, in thirty years. I stopped even listening to radio that long ago, too, only ever listening to my tape deck in my car. I read oceans of books. I read the New Yorker and Granta... cover to cover. I couldn't take the crap. There were things far more edifying and entertaining than that stultifying crap.

Even before I got on the internet, between the periodicals and my newshound friends, I pretty well knew what I was supposed to know, and a lot I was not supposed to know. And I have not let tap water pass my lips — insofar as I have had any choice, it being in lots of foods from the grocery store and all — in about twenty years. So maybe these facts account for why I'm so het up about conveying this to you now....

Despite my wanting to listen now because of Catherine's recommendation, I was skeptical about it. Not anymore. Not since about fifteen minutes in and not going to stop me from going into the second two hours now. If you would just shitcan that boob tube, maybe you wouldn't even need to listen to this to know why you have to do that, but you never do that, despite all my whining and beseeching. Trombly, here, explains exactly why not even your nature shows are safe, and a lot more.