speaking of controlled opposition

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He's at it again. Real opposition would have been to evacuate Wall Street. Now I'm going to tell you in advance, don't catch this wave. I know that sounds crazy coming from me, after my years of stumping for revolution, but... shit... they've got this down to a science. I'm sure most of the guys who thought they were organizing the protests in Ukraine had no idea snipers were going to be called in. I'm sure they thought they were liberating the people from tyranny. It doesn't matter. They were made effective by people who knew what they were really doing.

And, sure, they could have seen what they were doing, what forces were enabling them, except for one immortally salient fact. They were desperate to make a living at making the world a better place. This guy has told me, point blank, he refuses to be a burger flipper and he has a family to support. It isn't enough to be highly intelligent. You have to have spiritual intelligence to keep your supposedly altruistic efforts from flowing directly into the hands of psychopaths. Bad enough the miscellaneous bits they grab out of thin air and turn to shit to fling in our faces, but a wave? Don't go there.

It. Will. NOT. Mow. Them. Down.