this could get epic

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I am going to try not to have a meltdown about it. I promise to resist it. But, it is getting worse than just feeling the miserable fuck just doesn't know what he's talking about. I begin to suspect he is outright lying. Right off the bat he states there weren't any record companies or clubs in LA for the musicians to be congregating in Laurel Canyon. Outright horse shit. Right off the bat... and continuing into the interview, there are just too many gross inaccuracies and bent conclusions to bother talking about.

I'm appalled. There has to be something vital for me to learn in this malarkey. If, at bottom, the problem actually is that the dimension shift from the two sphinxes on the Giza Plateau has changed the genesis of hippies and antiwar activism, that still doesn't explain the Whiskey opening in 1956 and Capitol Records opening their tower in L.A. in 1964, okay? This fuck is pissing me off.