this much life in one drop?

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Maybe we're panicking over nothing....


I so do not have my finger on the pulse today because my YouBube account feed is completely non-functional, and I am not interested in the nitty gritty on most of the ongoing offenses to decency.

It does, however, strike me I should mention about a minor miracle at the oil change and carwash place up in Brookings yesterday. The owl that used to live in the trees my fuckhead neighbor cut down has taken up my side view mirror as his watch post at night. And well he might because my Raffa is covered in sea schmutz and displaced redwood spiders... almost no longer something one could consider a mechanism so much as a new ecosystem. So it hit me that I ought to get all my 60K mile fluid changes somewhere they'd throw in a carwash free.

When you drive up, your attendant hands you a USA Today to read while you're waiting for the little army of handsome young fellows to work over every reservoir and fan and filter and juncture and pressure point in the car around you... pushing all the right buttons and pulling all the right levers... all so different from anything you've grown to know as automotive, you really need that treatment, but when you are not steering right and left to help with the power steering fluid replacement, you might be stuck for mental stimulation.

I picked up the paper and started to read the bit on the latest in the Ukraine. Inside ten seconds I was singing, "Oh, isn't it a shame about all those fighting Ukrainians. Just can't seem to get along. La-tee-tah, la-tee-tah, not a word about how we went over with provocateurs and snipers to turn their lives inside out! Sheesh. Why do I bother putting my eyeprints on this crap?"

I realized all five of my little worker bees were standing around my car beaming and smiling at me, expressions of... yes... almost what you would call pride... that look you get from the people in your town when they know you are one of them. I stuck the paper out my window, "Here, I can't take it." One kid grabbed it for me, "Yeah, shitcan it...." as he threw it into a big trash barrel against the wall. Everyone's thumbs went up to match the corners of our mouths.

That was a goddamn relief. I tell you what! That was so good for my heart.

Try it.