WHAT has been DONE about it?

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It's been almost a year.


You know, it strikes me that I am pretty upset about this... that nothing has been done... that fat fuck with the smug grin who's mowed down the Constitution to put all this filthy crap in a monolith in Utah fills me with rage. The despicable genital fungus seeking to hold Snowden accountable for "theft of national security information" should be lined up and sprayed with Cruex until their pustulant lungs burst. The people who just cannot wrap their heads around how anyone could actually risk so much are just hypnotized zombies.

Yes, I think it might even be likely Snowden had help from people much higher, that he might not have done it without them, but that isn't, ultimately, even necessary for things to have played out as they did... just easier to assimilate.

But the dullness of the response, so far, is the most sickening.