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That was one looong day and I have to be to bed about three hours ago, but it turns out the men are fighting over me again and we've all been up hashing it out in Farrell's room. It's been ages since it came to fisticuffs right in front of me, but the outright fiction is the only man in the room who was not ready to vanquish his competition for my affections proposed marriage to me.

We settled for being temporary sweethearts. He's twenty years younger than me and I'd be too old to find a replacement when he transitions to the next dimension.

Did I say that?

Okay, okay, It was only remotely like that but they were drinking and I was sipping on Chuck's scotch, so we decided it was only right to be romantically involved temporarily. That much is true.

The schedule was behind and Jeroen was getting us back on track, so things started moving pretty fast and I could barely catch a moment to give you a snippet of the news.

Those chairs look as though they are going to be darn comfy. Quoth Mae Brussell, "Oh my aching ass."

Not only did I get to kiss Danny Sheehan, but I got to sit next to him for most of the evening. Hero. Hero. Hero. And, Chuck was on the other side of me, filling his role of temporary sweetheart to perfection.

My bag of tricks started out weighing about twenty pounds, but ended up weighing a hunnert an' ten. So Danny watched it for me while Chuck and I went out for a smoke and some jumping jacks. It was a great arrangement.

I got to tell Michael Schratt about the gorgeous matte black jets and their outrageous disappearing act, and he didn't even bat an eye. Farrell's widened considerably, but Schratt just said, "Yep. I've heard of that. F-111s for sure.

I've been telling people about it for twenty-five years. It isn't that they don't believe me, it's that they don't believe it. I'm not lying and was looking right at them when they plum winked out of existence before my very eyes. F-111s, two of them, poof. I feel this is right because they're always looking the closest to what I saw, but never exactly. But they come in a few different configurations and some of them are not for public consumption.

Whaddaya know! Mystery solved.


All except the part about How'd They DO That?

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