just the headline makes me see red

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That was the first time the darling Dr. Milquetoast Jones came out to bullshit the general public about physics. There's a public physics and a private physics, and they don't give up their private bits without a big fight. A fight that involves consummate mindfuckers on point and armies of mindfucked dupes bringing up the rear.

So. Decades later. The work being done on the QT all this time begins to bear fruit.

People act like this isn't something for which culprits should be lined up and shot. Seems to me sometimes humans are too dim to take in the oceans of negative impacts, lives that wouldn't have been ruined, if this sort of thing could not happen.


Which brings me to a little discussion we were having at table yesterday. The subject was anger. Catherine was explaining about the difficulties of communicating with angry people, people too caught up in their anger to really discuss something in its fullness, just stuck in that closed circuit, corralled, so to speak, by it. Or that's the way I translate what she was saying, and one nice, and funny, fellow down on my end of the table piped up about anger not being a bad thing, asking if anger itself was the problem, and this sort of got everybody in on the discussion.

I started to describe the problem of anger often being the safety zone between fear and cowardice, how much safer and less bewildering it is to just stay on the angry-go-round than to face the fear and consciously tell it to go fuck itself and one of its pet rattlesnakes. Which leaves the people screaming and wailing and writhing around in their electrified washing machines until one of two things happens. They pop and go postal. Or they lose all their vitality and turn into a demoralized lump.

Anger is not negative. It is brilliant and beautiful and good for the soul and righteous and a huge relief and so painful you'd rather break a leg and, crikey, the list is endless. I heavily recommend it.

But you deal with it. You feel it and it shows you what's wrong and you do what it takes to make it go away. You can think of anger as the klieg lamp on everything that needs fixing. In yourself. In situations. In any case.

Anger is gorgeous, and don't you forget it.

Just don't hang onto it, you asshole, or you're useless.


So we don't want me in a room with darling little Milquetoast Jones. No we don't. Because he'd get duct taped to a chair and gagged and he'd be withered to a little crisp by the time I stopped telling him off.

always and any time....