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The other day, when I was getting things straight for my trip with Billy, asking if he'd put up with me for almost a whole week, he said, "Oh hell yes, I need to bang heads with somebody who likes to try and try my mind, there is nobody left who gives a shit about anything even if they are wrong." All the while we have so much work to do. Like here. I say they are trying to kill us. He says, "No, they're not. They just don't care, just rakin' in the dough and fuck the collateral damage." I'm going, but, but, Billy! That is trying to kill us. Negligent disregard actually is an overt act. Failure to act is an act. They are trying to kill us, and they don't care much if they even succeed because the money to be made along the way is what counts.

For 43 years we've been arguing in agreement like this.