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Beside the fact that I cannot knock the blocks off every murderating fuck engaged in this filthy slaughter driving me 'round the bend in gales of psychic rabies, I don't know who I should kill first over the fact that humans don't need any of this shit to power our world. You might think people still blathering about this "blood-for-oil" or "blood-for-gas" crap tends to put the lie to what I keep screaming is already long since actual.

They don't want the oil or gas. They want control of it. Where they might not wrest actual control, they settle for extreme destabilization because that means the BRICS won't be able to control it either.

All this slaughter, this my whole life filled with slaughter nobody will stop or even get straight, has been completely without anything approximating merit, without even a shred of human decency inhering the true motives. It's 100% pure psychopathy control mechanism, humanity enslavement, at work 24/7/365... for my entire life. I'm out of patience.

Cut out the time for those links. Make sure you have that stuff in mind.

All, all, all, all, all while we have the technology to provide limitless energy to the whole world.

always and any time....