for all those coming in off the death star

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The "reporting" to which Dr. Party Animal Farrell was referring will pop right up if you click this image. I'll have you know he throws the best parties ever… toasted on soda pop. I'm still not back to my pre-conference level of senility. The man entertains as vociferously as he writes and reads and sips from his backpack keg of fizzy stuff.

He also insists he's a bigger moron in the morning than I am. This is frankly unbelievable. Outright absurd. Nobody's a bigger wreck than me upon "arising"… he did manage to outdo me in stupidest morning fumble department, though our mothers were probably equally angry about these little bumbles, but, in the main, and on a sustained basis, a lifetime of being non compos mentis for a bare minimum of two hours after my eyes feign opening, I'm sorry reverend sir, but I take the cake… with coconut flour please.

I am planning to do a longer piece on it, I hope, next week. I need to listen to some of the lectures, or all of them again, to do it. So it might take a little longer. The point of "reporting" as I did was to give everyone some kind of an idea of being there. There was the streaming to deliver the talks to those who could not attend, but we wanted to give some kind of essence of attendance.

I could've gone in and interviewed all the speakers, driven them mad with twaddle questions just because I have listened to them for so long I almost know what they are going to say before they say it, and once I have the specifics they immediately get filed into my overall picture and stop being specific out of me really, really fast.

That's for left brainers. I admire the ability to retain all these bits and just spit them out at any hour of the night or day, but my brain is a wild thing, simply will not obey. I have said many times already that the vital bit for me is the energy being generated by this conference, these people, me, you, everyone with the heart left to open the great Huayen for the world, unleash mountains of precious stones and oceans of flower ornaments to tumble down upon the buddhas of the ten directions, fill the skies with fantastical songbirds and the countryside with odes to glee.

We were put here to break the negative cycles.

Any who will put in with us for real in our greatest conspiracy to date will feel themselves at last alive in a body who might for once not find itself standing in front of a sign that says, "DEAD END". So give 'er a click and see if some phrase here or there doesn't set you wondering how that might feel and seeing if you can scrounge up the courage to help us strengthen this desperately important morphic field… some of us are still high from it and it's coming up on a week over.

There was enough there to keep you busy for the rest of your life. But the positive energy, the blasting of heartburst penetrating everywhere, mounting and mounting before it, and still blowing me all over the map, is the thing that can save the world.

We're not talkin' wuwu here. We're talkin' the real deal. It's all so easy to say, so easy to lie about on the tubes, and dress with crystals and pixie dust, but you get in the blare of it, the real thing, and I bet you come out babbling nonsense while the galaxies you don't know are inside your skin are crashing into each other and falling down laughing. No. Really. Don't be an asshole.

always and any time....