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Someone in the know, if alive still to tell the tale, will rat out the Gladio-style operation we had to pay for and, at last, a decent chance something like truth is going to take the world stage.
Mysterious $30m reward offered for MH17 evidence
By Justin Huggler, Berlin — 4:12PM BST 17 Sep 2014

A reward of $30m has been offered for conclusive evidence on who shot down Flight MH17 – but the identity of the person or organisation behind the offer is a mystery.

The sum is larger than the $25m the US offered for information on the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden, and is thought to be one of the largest bounties in history.

It is being offered through a German private investigation agency that says even it doesn’t not know who its anonymous client is.

The Malaysian airliner crashed in Ukraine in July, killing all 283 passenger and 15 crew on board.

Western leaders believe it was shot down by a surface-to-air missile fired by pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine, and a preliminary report by the Dutch Safety Board was consistent with that. But so far conclusive evidence of who fired the missile has not emerged.

“Everyone can be bought, it’s just a question of the price,” Josef Resch of Wifka investigation agency told Germany’s Capital magazine.

His mysterious client is also offering any informant a new identity, should they need one.

The reward is advertised on Wifka’s website, and the agency says the money is already on deposit in a Swiss bank in Zurich.

Mr Resch says he is confident the offer is genuine, and he has received an advance payment of €40,000 (£24,000) for his services.

But he says he has no idea who is behind the offer. He told Capital that he was not ruling anyone out, even intelligence agencies.

It could be Russian oligarchs who want to damage Vladimir Putin, he said – or it could be an elaborate misinformation ploy by the Kremlin, to plant false evidence the Ukrainian military shot the plane down.

While most Western governments believe pro-Russian rebels shot down MH17, there have been accusations the Russian was responsible, and claims from inside Russia that Ukrainian forces deliberately downed the plane.
Maybe I'm too optimistic? Too little sleep and bucking the heat all day, I might be too optimistic....

But this is gorgeous. My fingers are crossed that this is the genuine article, and not some lousy prank.

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