everybody wonders and nobody seems to notice

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I say maybe the most important thing for this earth is for people to realize that there is a private physics, the real physics, and what it can do. Yes, yes, this is a dangerous proposal on a number of fronts, but it is the point to drive home if we want to save our planet, ourselves, each other. This oil and gas horse shit is obsolete and it is a slow death for most living things. The ones who breathe. The ones who eat. Most of them.

Zero point energy is the means to clean it up and the means to keep on without poisoning the world... and the means to fast death. The reason to keep it from us has been how fast and sure that death is, but it has not been kept from all of us, and they have that fast death already. As Judy Wood has said, or someone perhaps has pointed out to her, that horse has already left the barn.

I'm pretty sure Russia and China are playing along with this so-called mystery, this so-called "conspiracy theory", despite all of us having seen it in action on TV, because, truly, if this gets out of hand, the power to, literally, blow up the planet, turn us into an asteroid belt, is out there for anyone to at least attempt to harness. Never mind the paradise restored, the world where no one but psychopaths would dream of such a thing on their worst day ever, there is a real hitch.

Psychopaths exist. They abound.

How to stifle them? How to obsolete them? How to neutralize psychopathy?

Lucky for us they prefer not to have the Gaian Asteroid Belt replace our Pale Blue Dot, but unlucky for us that they will only pursue that option so long as they rule our dot. There is no avoiding this, even as the ignorant masses still constitute excuses to do so. That horse already left the barn. Facts is facts, and maybe it is only their uncertainty that they are the only ones who have it that keeps things even this loosely strung together.

Still, everybody wonders and nobody seems to notice. Plenty finally seem to care, but still snore along in their little ionic slices of the American Dream, because it isn't just that the outrageous profits of this system are addictive, the perfect alternative can dustify Earth. We'd be lucky to end up an asteroid belt. We could be a vast dust ring 92,960,000 miles from the sun.

So pick! Wake up or blow up. Those are our choices.

always and any time....