surpassingly brilliant but still wrong

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There is much food for big thought in this little lecture... or I found it so. I guess the main point of interest in it to me here is the way it lights up the differences in masculine mentation and feminine mentation. I've been wallowing in the deficits of femality lately, feeling desperate for a genius man to just walk up and sort me out so I can move forward again, but I mustn't lose sight of the fact that if fundamental reality were left to men, we'd already be extinct many times over. So don't go all smug in your maleness. You are so obsessed with sex precisely because everything in the entire human universe depends utterly on women.

I will go so far as to say there is a possibility that math is a superior language to English or French or Sanskrit or Pig Latin, languages that depend on pure happenstance associations, metaphors, but, still, it is but a language and, as such, cannot encompass the fullness of meaning needed for humans to interact by means that cross out into externality and stay there until someone picks them up through their eyes or ears. Maybe you even have a better chance of stumbling upon actuality by merely fucking around with elegant mathematical terms, more than doing the equivalent with words, going all Doctor Seuss with them, but probably not.


This isn't here for entertainment... though, of course, if you insist, you are welcome to take as much entertainment from it as suits your fancy.

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