about that high pressure parked offshore

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We have here a man who not only can speak of black projects' UFOs, but also weather modification. I met him at the conference this last summer. He's very nice and comforts me with his quiet competence. I have an extremely hard time paying attention to him.

It is not for any lack of riveting content. In fact, his speech is less riddled with frills than most. There is a flatness of affect that just keeps dropping me off his wavelength despite my being greatly interested in what he has to say. This is not a fluke. I would estimate this is about the fifteenth time I've heard him interviewed or lecturing. It's him.

I'm mortified.

He's not the only one. Even some of my favorite people, when they drop into autopilot or whatever it is causes the perceived lack of affect, the meanings of their words seem to not even register before they've fallen out the opposite ear from where they came in.

Then you add this to the fact that when I am particularly avid to hear someone, my avidity is so busy with my enjoyment and heart-inflated sense of devotion, that it emerges that I am utterly unable to recall the very words I was so lovingly absorbing even a paltry half hour after hearing them. If not for their presence on the complicated system of pipes affording me the chance to listen over again a quantum of times, I'd be sunk.

I'm pretty good at retaining at least the gist when it's someone I don't already love. When I'm in neutral a lot more content sticks... except when the speaker is also in neutral, that is, and just as soon as I get excited about it, it stops being something I'm able to rap down for you in ways that would convince your left brain to be interested enough to pursue.

In a few weeks I'm off to conspire with my co-conspirators. I have to write it down. Walk and chew gum. I think I will be fired. I might be wrong, but that is what I think. I'm oddly not too upset about it. It concerns me, but it seems the truth wants to assert itself this way. So who am I to argue?

Anyway, I think you want to give this at least half an ear. It adds to what may already be forming up in your mind about chemtrails and weather control and climate and... and could bear heavily on how much energy you want to put into what things in this life in the years you have left to expend any energy at all.

always and any time....