after passing it over three times already

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I decided to remind you that I solved the problem of water quality in lakes when I was in the third grade, showed everybody about the evolution of fertilized duck eggs into quacking ducks in the fourth. I also was discussing with a green forester friend about inoculating cutover timberlands with this stuff something like twenty years ago.

And my point is that little girls and ordinary environmentally crazed women everywhere come up with this kind of stuff all the time, but rarely do "they" take us seriously enough to implement our helpful household hints. So I'm glad these girls got some recognition for their plain old youthful good sense. Maybe somebody will try it before the GMO people try to bend it to their will.

We have to learn how to stop expecting "them" to be sensible, to do things that make life better. They're interested in systems that wring money from genociding us, that till us up and plow us under... not things that enhance our chances.

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