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Enough links to either round out your doctoral degree or to knot your brain so thoroughly the only option left to your consciousness is enlightenment. While I am grateful to him for this compilation, do not mistake this for an endorsement of his work. In the beginning of his run he had benefit of work by others and that's what got him noticed. Since he lost those connections, he has had to rely more on his own ability to process inputs from all these sources. He's laudably facile with many of the vexing graphs and color coded maps, but what he makes of the information frequently shows a bad lack of understanding of what all that information means.

I have no faith whatever in what the "experts", the "mainstream pundits" have to say about any of this. It's worse than a waste of time, but that leaves me with the need to seek out independent and alternative sources, which are many and mostly not competent.

This leaves me with the duty to become my own expert on everything that concerns me. Just about everything concerns me. I am unable to become an expert on just about everything, and so are you. So is everyone. Still, it is not enough to simply invoke this righteous excuse and press forward in the murk. And, in fact, even if both mainstream and alternative sources were universally reliable, the problem actually remains, because what constitutes expertise one day always turns out to have been bullshit the next. This cannot be fixed by simply insisting everyone ignore this fact and proceed on the basis that whatever they say one day is righteous even as the basis for it is disproven the next.

Your walking around computational mind, no matter how excellent, is not up to the job. You are expecting too much of that little hamster wheel in your coconut.

No. You are never going to get there until you drop that mind and move into your real one.

That's why I keep insisting you consider divesting yourselves of your conditioned mentalities. Whether with malice aforethought or just by dumb accident, the world is perpetuating fundamentally mistaken views on just about everything. If you want it to get better, you turn your headlights off the road ahead and shine them the opposite direction. Don't try it when you're driving or working with your chainsaw, but all the rest of the time, just do it.

always and any time....