i did not vote republican

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But I almost did. Because at this moment I think I'd prefer them to Democrats, but that's not strictly true, not in the end. In the end each is as deserving of public office as the other; to wit: not at all. I'm upset that there were no candidates for any office from any third party listed on this ballot and no spaces for write-ins or to expressly vote for none of the above. They referred to the candidates as "voter selected" on this ballot. Yeah right.

Anyway, I don't care about election integrity anymore because there is none and there never will be again until we do a lot more than insure the elections are pristine, so I left those blank on my ballot for whatever criminal wants to fill them in later. I'll let him or her decide which flavor of utterly unacceptable gets "my" vote.

I voted for my sheriff. I voted against any more money out of us for any reason. I know not even this will make them dip into their plunder to pay for the administration of this state and this county, but it feels much better to stop playing the dupable little daffodil who trusts them to do the right thing.

always and any time....