the reason it's good we're getting it

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Our fish need to stay wet and our trees are the last of the ancient race that once covered the planet. I mean, I hate that the whole state is drying up, but a fuck ton of the irreplaceable species are up here.

MacGyver was just here dumping out his toolbox aquarium.

I said, "Dude, don't lay that all out to dry on your deck because it's going to open up on us again tomorrow and it isn't going to be dry outside again for at least a week."

"Oh! Then I'll take it in my man cave and WD-40 it instead."

East, south and west walls are painted. North wall has its full primer coat. Mudroom door and light fixture fixed. Back porch light fixed. Tool shed door nailed back on temporarily. Most of what needed to go to the dumps is hauled off. This has taken more than two months. It's not even half of what needs doing. It's maybe not even a third of it.

If I could just clone a little army of MacGyvers this would get done before I shoot myself.

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