this is going to hurt

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But what a way to convalesce....

I know it's coming. My machine keeps having these intermittent freakouts. Not steadily enough to send me screaming naked into the Apple Store, but steadily enough to make me start envisioning such a scene.

The one I've got now is still dazzlingly wonderful, but it has episodes of psychosis and the screen never fully recovered from the hard knock against the dash when that asshole came to a dead stop in front of me on 101 several years ago. So the moment of savings drainage looms, I just know it. I spoze it'll be better for me to learn the very newest OS anyway.

I've skipped the last several iterations from not wishing to lose this dashboard configuration. But the reason I didn't want to lose it was obviated by the last system upgrade on my OS. The ability to copy a search term into the dashboard search box evaporated and it was no longer possible for me to keep an eye on one thing while googling after another unless I typed in the search term. This is too cumbersome when searching for the other sites posting whole paragraphs.

Silly how we become attached to certain things... little things like that... but... we do. I thought I was the type to always hover at the leading edge, and a lot of my friends were amazed to see me reject both computers and the internet so early on. I had a computer, but only for the word processing and mahjongg solitaire programs, would not branch out into the other things on offer for well over a decade... actually, over a decade and a half.

They were too stupid for me.

Henry used to just swoon in gales of techno-ecstasy over this new thing called "windows" and marveled about all the different things you could be doing at once, how great it was going to be for businesses. I'm all, "Can you enter a transaction one time and have it do all your books and tax returns?"


"Get back to me when it can."

In 1988 I began being the office whiz on Lexis/Nexis research. No question it had reach, but it was also the scene of screaming attacks so violent it could alert Security tens of floors below me. In 1989 I decided to do my research from home, connect directly to databases without all that road rage and gas prices. First place I went was the EPA. The stuff I read there was so demoralizing I refused to use this mode again. In the course of learning everything there was to know about drilling muds, I had to find out that those fucks had approved companies dumping it in the ocean in spread out increments instead of just on the spot as before... just about the most lethal toxins ever devised were being dumped directly into the ocean now in a bunch of smaller squirts.

Not word one anywhere about neutralizing that shit before letting it near living things.

That's what the world is getting when they think of environmental protection.

And getting to this horrific kernel of factuality was a stultifying procedure. Far easier to call the agency and grill someone than to go through all that. So I ignored everyone babbling about The Information Age for a long time, even Scott insisting I'd be a great blogger. Heh, he thought that until eventually I started blogging. LOL He had a fit about me putting a picture of torture in my sidebar. What had he been thinking? That going public was going to blunt my force?

Anyway, I eventually showed up, and now I have to admit it really has enhanced my life greatly... but it wasn't doing that for anyone for a long time... and now they're so addicted to the constant "improvement" of the technology that many of us are bucking their forward thrust. Peggy resisted the move to OSX from OS9 for an outrageously long time. I think Lion was out before she couldn't make Jim get OS9 onto her new computer. Actually, I think she made him dump Lion off her new computer to attempt to install OS9 on it, but he couldn't make it work and so she made him fix the old computer so she could have it back. She held on until there was no machine left within reach that could be made to run her OS.

Learning a new OS is an aggravating expenditure of wits and not goddam necessary to waste your life on just to be card carrying "Edgy".

always and any time....