a little unassisted sleep

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I went to bed around nine last night and got up around nine this morning. There was almost completely no me but sleeping for that entire twelve hours. I did not take a chill pill. I did not smoke pot. I had a cocktail before dinner. A good dinner. Followed by an hour or so being appalled by currently popular TV show themes and scripts.


I thought the truth of why programs were produced was blinking neon at you fools twenty years ago. They aren't even bothering to use coherent story lines to do it to you now, and you still don't notice. I'm not a hunnert percent positive but it's looking as though you are supposed to be gay... or bi at the very least... and you might only be able to get away with the quaint old heterosexual antique biological imperative if you will stoop to helping corrupt someone with political aspirations or perform dirty tricks of similar ilk.

Fine. That's certainly the way to optimize the fruits of your presence on this planet. Go for it. Or... snap out of it.

Anyway, my circus finally gave way to one of the most fundamental biological imperatives and I'm still not back in my conditioned mind. This may herald great things to come, or it may just be an accidental intersection with the tao.

We shall see. We shall see.

always and any time....