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Obama is a full-fledged smug beta, aka omega, male, while Putin is a natural-born alpha male. This has been made a thousand times over abundantly clear by actuality itself. Plain as the back of your hand. I am sick to death of RT continually playing nice toward all the psychopaths' despicably cultivated fantasies like this. It's everywhere they don't make explicit the truth Putin and Lavrov tell.

In other words, it's diplomacy. I hate diplomacy. I know it is useful and can produce good things, but it is, at its heart, lying to get what you want.

I am reminded of this filth when people, particularly women, start talking about ways of comportment such that one doesn't give up one's power.


You don't have any power if you have to carve out your comportment to get it. This is air sculpting. And if you are powerful you can give it away by the ocean-full and it never lessens by so much as a quark.


You make my head hurt.

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