he's not lying

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From the git I could tell the sound thing was on purpose. I mean, baaaaaad choices, but they were definitely meant to do what they did, and that is blast your brains out in some sort of orgasm of your wish for the mindfuck they've made out of space travel in the imaginations of the masses of useless eaters this movie was designed to entertain. The very first seconds of the movie that wouldn't have been long enough for me, if it hadn't been so bad, was spectacular noise, pin your ears back noise of the protagonist dreaming of his crashed spacecraft.

For decades the sound of these films has ruined the gestalt for moviegoers watching a quiet little drama in the next plex over, the very gentlest effect being to make you think there's a stampede of elephants about to mow down the Brooklyn brownstone in which the cast of your quiet little drama is emoting, but you are most often snapped out of your involvement to make room for existential irk by it. Well, at this movie, that happens to you, not over somebody else's movie ruining it for you, but from this director ruining this movie for you.

The sound isn't the only affront. They are sent to investigate three possibly habitable worlds orbiting the event horizon of a black hole. Ahem. Never mind that black holes do not exist, the ones we have in our heads are at the center of galaxies, sucking everything in those galaxies into them mercilessly, methodically, with the cold imperatives of math. So what this turns out to be, despite maybe the very best intentions, is utter, and compounding, horse shit from the git.

And, here, on earth, in their kitchen, we have the best part, Lithgow, the patriarch, in their funky farmhouse. No prob that the fixtures and appliances are all brand new chic shit because this is supposed to be the future, but... this house gets blasted by horrific dust storms on a regular basis. What's wrong with this picture?

I could hold forth here with gripes about this movie for many more paragraphs, but somebody who wants to see it despite being told it's awful will have the plot ruined for them if I press on venting. Suffice it to say the director is not lying about you being supposed to not hear some of the dialog. That was apparent, and even if it were not, you shouldn't actually care anymore by the time it starts happening.

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