it sucked planets

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Even as I was pretty sure Icke had flipped his lid, gone megalomaniacal from decades of public derision, I didn't think it would come out anywhere nearly as badly as it did. And the little video left at its address is creepy as fuck.

I guess once a TV presenter always a TV presenter, and he should've stuck to writing his books and maintaining his blog, letting others put together his dream station if he simply had to see it happen, but it strikes me to recall his describing his kundalini experience, having all his chakras opened by something cosmic in Peru many years ago.

Seems to me he is irrefutable proof that such things do not spiritual awakening make... like using entheogenic medicine... at best making for an ability to get in touch with more wisdom... life enhancing, but not spiritually awakening... because everyone I've ever heard who's had a kundalini experience or who is a regular user of entheogenic medicine is still quite plainly materialistic, still squished under their egos.

always and any time....