looooong day

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I got an okay night's sleep and woke up without the pain and weakness in my right wrist, thank goodness. Wut was that? Severe wrist pain and intermittent and varying levels of grip loss. I couldn't pull my leggings and socks off with my right hand. Wut? Is that arthritis? Is my right hand resisting the bionics being dumped on me from the sky and in me from my food? Did I cut off some major nerve in my sleep? Too tense behind the wheel? WTF?

Anyway, I'm hoping it's over for good and not just winding up to slug me again.

Lots of fervent emailing and telephone talking and typing up of notes today... and a trip to town so I can stop eating Halloween candy instead of food. Once again, this time up in Brookings, my fellow shoppers were being really, really nice... heh, one of them giving me more leftover Halloween candy while we were in the checkout line. The butcher sang to me, "Welcome home!" We all gossiped about the pulp novel authors and movie stars on the checkout line racks. General agreement that Cher's plastic surgeon is an ace, but she's still starting to look really stupid... like, Cher, dear, lose the wig... please.

Home again before it started raining again. Ordinarily, I enjoy getting wet from the sky, but lately I can't forget about the toxins and radiation and nanoparticles it's bringing down and find myself much less enthusiastic about that action. Maybe if I make it into my eighties I can go out in it practically naked again, but for right now I'm thinking it'll only help the health go back downhill.

Fucking headlines. What horse shit. I decided to just skim the Daily Mail to give you examples here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

I mean, excuse me, don't you think it's about time we started making our culture? You'd think they owned it or something. Snap out of it! A human must grow in spirit to combat these filthy fuckers taking everything, everything, everything. Why do you think they take such care to demoralize the living snot out of you? Don't. Let. The. Bastards. Drag. You. Down.

Get up! No matter how horrible it is. Face the music. Wake up.


I forgot to mention about the affection from one epic narcissist to another. Curdled my Halloween candy. Shot me out the door for yogurt and nutrients to set my system aright.

always and any time....