the very word is repugnant

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GeorgeAnn is talking to Walter Bosley about his wild and crazy researches into wild and crazy deaths. He brings up a term in here, NYMZA, which is the acronym for some ultra-secret society, and states that the letters themselves spell a word that means "nameless ones". I think this word "nymza" is the answer to the conundrum of what to call the PTB that doesn't exalt them. Just plain nymza seems better to me.

Anyway, it strikes me I should mention that JFK was certainly right about secrecy. I don't know how people manage to lose sight of this basic truism. The benign or helpful uses of secrecy are extremely few, and so those wishing to find an excuse for the lethal levels of secrecy in our government about certain things have maybe another motive for doing this than would feel flattering.

It's always about power, and very, very rarely serves blameless ends, and even when a good excuse for it might be thought up, beyond a certain limited set of circumstances there cease to be any righteous excuses for it.

Every single time one opts for secrecy, the ability to harm others inheres it. Beyond the real uses of privacy, secrecy quickly turns into malignancy. This is true in more than 99.99% of humanity. There is a .01% in whom we can trust all secrets, but they are not keeping secrets you can even guess until you have done decades of work. They are not the problem. They are the answer. And 99.99% of the time you are not going to meet them.

It is safe to say that for worldly affairs secrecy is almost never warranted. Of course, there are many who garner much profit from using it. That is not decent. There are many who garner power from using it. That is not decent. It has the distinction of setting a small number aloof from the rest of us by contrivance. It creates high and low. It is the mechanism of hierarchy... of enslavement.

It is indecent.

always and any time....