camera in this mac isn't good at action shots

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But I thought you'd like to see me doing my stretching exercises for my long drive. I'm leaving in the morning for Oklahoma. I'm going to try not to drive more than seven hours a day, and use motels and friends with internet so I won't drop off the face of cyberspace while traveling.

I don't know how long I'll be gone and the nice people at my local credit union are going to pay my bills for me for as long as I have to be gone. My car insurance rate will not go up. The cable people won't put me on hold, so I'm closing my account on my way out of town, but my doctor got my prescriptions in to the pharmacy in time so that I'm almost certain not to run out. Snail MacGyver has brought me all kinds of music to play in the car, and a whole trash bag full of little emergency road things and a serious thermos.

I don't think I'll need chains. I'm keeping an eye on road conditions and will continue to do it all along the way. It may snow, but probably not enough to need chains. If there's a flash blizzard I'll hunker down and call some genius auto parts store that delivers or something.

My spectacularly gorgeous ridiculously younger former temporary boyfriend who I allow to date an opera singer has donated the money to accomplish this, and we've decided that I'm his Zen Mistress and he's My Bodhisattva. Seriously. He's as weird as I am and I love him to bits. If he weren't so much younger I would carry him off into the sunset on my glistening warhorse, but as it is, well, he's a gift from the buddhas of the ten directions.

It's going to be raining along the way, tomorrow. Oh, boy! I will be careful and a lot of it will be on back roads. Will see if there's anything I want to post while I'm muddling with my coffee in the morning, else I'll talk to you tomorrow night.

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