despite all

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I don't approve of a lot of the stuff he does, and I certainly don't approve of the envious eyelash batter being allowed to name the covert ops at work here, especially since now you can't even google the first and real one without it returning all kinds of her blather before you ever get to the original deal.

Still, this is a subject that bears on a conversation I was having with a friend this morning. He was tending to agree that the administration is merely bungling, and I was tending to point out that this bungling may be bungling, but it is at the behest of people who know what they're doing... that the bungling is okay because the main object is destabilization. The psychopaths can get what they want out of failed states... states they made fail... and though they're using our military and intelligence types to accomplish all this, it is not at all for our benefit, or us helping our fellow humans. It is strictly about global control, getting a lock on vital resources, and, again, not for the United States.

It is for private parties who can, or fancy they can, form a global government. This is why you keep seeing me cheering those who stand in their way. So. I will endure this on that account.

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