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Finally out of wifi hell and Bogger decides not to let me put up any new posts. I thought it was the motel wifi, but everything else worked fine... for about an hour. So. Honestly. Posting of my continued existence, safety, exhaustion and nearness to GeorgeAnn was first on my order of business after emailing everyone who’s worrying about me that I’m out of danger of being mowed down by a semi for the night. But my hour was up after the emailing part.

So I got some food because Old Uncle Dave thought it would help me sleep better... needing to be ordered around to do each of the steps involved in successfully purchasing food and bringing it back to my room. I got it done. I took a HOT shower and crashed, getting up a couple times to see if the wifi was going to let me through again. Nope.

This morning I got my clothes on with no hitch. Went off for a country version of yuppie coffee at the restaurant and heading to the office to whine about the wifi. They took it off my bill and gave me a complimentary card to try one last time to make it work. After some struggle, kaa-ching. At last. Here I am. What a trip.

First it was all the driving in apocalypse weather. Then it was parade fiasco. Then Bakersfield itself was out to kill me. Then it was my corpuscular avidity for jawing with my smoking buddy, aided by his wifi's refusal to acknowledge my existence, and so… at length… I found myself at Monday with a nearly terminal sleep deficit. I only made it to Kingman AZ when I’d been shooting for Flagstaff.

Forgot the sun was going to be going down ever earlier as I headed east and so, all around, better to just park myself in Kingman and take care of it all before pressing on. Heh. Straightening out the havoc in my high tone go cart is next as a test to see if that helps my brain work better.

I mean, in my very marrow I want to just bi-locate so I can already be with that desperately ill dear woman, but, hard won lesson, I will be NO help if I’m totaled, so, taking into account my age and infirmity — things trading places to pain me — I’m going the fastest I can.

I love you guys... even the lurkers... you big chickens.


Albuquerque tonight.

always and any time....