i'm still not dead

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I am just updating last week's notice that we should have a router by yesterday and I should be back informing, entertaining and sneaking Zen concepts into you by now.

Ha ha.

I have to do it this way because GeorgeAnn's machine is only fit for ultra-savvy PC security paranoids and will hardly do a fuckin' thing I ask of it. It seems to know she's in the hospital and safe from the vicissitudes of this household's quirks and critters. In short: It's laughing at me.

Turns out she has a router already and all she had to do was turn it on, but I think she may never have realized what it was. She has a tech guy from town come here and plug her together whenever her machines blow up or go crazy.

Be that as it may, I find I cannot bring myself to risk the expenditure of so much money on my brand new machine on the whims of Oklahoma's billions of mini-quakes and power surges and old wiring and no real knowledge of which of the plugs here got updated from the early twentieth century. So I have no bookmarks and the use of an extremely, extremely obstinate product of Beelzebub Gates, and I'm busy trying to make things happen and keep people up to date on our sick friend's condition and holding down the fort for a popular person with three huge guard dogs and one, the definite alpha of this pack, itty bitty one.

So. If you wouldn't mind, let's just throw links and clues about the state of the world beyond injun territory and GeorgeAnn updates and well wishes on this post until I'm able to reach shore. My life jackets are too waterlogged for now. It lets me have my email and answer comments and a few other executive functions on my blog, but that's about it. Sometimes I think I see sea birds, think I'm getting nearer instead of the tide carrying me further out, but I just know at some point you'll find me washed up on our beach.

BB2 will send the CONTROL yaks with kegs of brandy to revive me in time to beat KAOS back once again. Do not fear. I'm an old spy, but I've got cosmic forces on my side.

I love you.



You can't know how nice it was to just sit down and read this, and listen to this, without the phone ringing or the dogs flipping out over the affront of a cricket trying to hop to the next bush or any new disasters confronting me. I've only been here a week and it feels like at least a year and a half.

Our friend sounds good on the phone, is pleased that the saline drip has unshriveled her poor dehydrated fingers, but we still don't know if the doctors will be brave enough to get that monster tumor out. I just find myself endlessly grateful she is where she can get the help she needs the most. They are respecting her wishes not to be subjected to the "help" none of us need ever, even in the direst condition. So, even as the prognosis is grim and not likely to improve at all, there is still the fact that her misery is being eased and they're still looking for ways to buy her some quality time.

Her dogs are all happy campers and I am a frazzled wreck, but... heck... bowl of cherries....



Holy crap! Dottie and Guido are actually starting to mind me! Mosche would if he could haul himself up for it. He's just darn agreeable from his post splayed out on the floor, but the other two were about as close to amok as you can imagine pets get. So I am feeling great about this bit of progress.

Our friend in the hospital has consented to let the doctors use high intensity radiation beam therapy to shrink her monster tumor so they can get it out of her without killing her. That exact treatment saved an old friend of mine, but his cancer was not nearly as advanced. I don't think this will save her ultimately, but it absolutely will make what's left of her life much easier to bear, and that makes me happy.

So today is a good news day at last.





There's a rumor going around that John may be here as early as today... tonight... and I have to leave as soon as possible after I've gotten him up to speed on the situation. He's coming to put out fires here and I'm going to put out fires there. We can call ourselves The Firemen... start a band.

I got an almost what you'd call decent night's sleep for the first time since I arrived. I'm writing lists and answering emails and calls and tripping over dogs but I think things should start clearing up as soon as John can take control. I'm very looking forward to meeting him in person.

So if I'm quiet for a day or so, it's just because I'm getting from here to my next motel wifi catastrophe. Nothing to worry about. xoxoxoxox



John arrived safely from North Dakota and took charge of GeorgeAnn's home and affairs. I'm on my way back home and back on my own fabulous machine that will let me have my blog back. Any updates about GeorgeAnn will be in new posts, though I imagine this will stay the latest news for quite a while... but you never know.

always and any time....