i'm now an okie for the duration

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And Master Spy, Agent BB2 has been picking our traveling themes.

I should be at GeorgeAnn's house tomorrow. Just as I was bragging of dropping off to sleep last night, a small dog in the room next to mine decided to lose it. He kept losing it loudly for hours. In the wee hours his family came home. I know this because their baby started screaming along with the dog. Then, the woman and the man had a very loud fight, which silenced both the baby and the dog. And I don't remember anything after that.

So. I'm again not well rested and am heading for bed right now. It's 9pm here. I discovered that I'm only half old, that if I close my right eye I can see to drive in the dark better. It's not wonderful, but better than my entire body quaking from it last night. Now I'm just plain fried and leaning heavily on the patience of the people of Oklahoma.

I hear birds squawking out there? Geese migrating?

Anyway, I'm pau for tonight.

I don't think her wiring is fixed well enough that I dare plug in my machine there. Maybe she'll let me use hers to keep you occupied with my big ideas about life, the universe and everything.

always and any time....