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For your failure to heed.

I remember a letter to the editor in the AVA twenty years ago when some guy piped up about diet causing all this crap we call "mental illness". He mentioned about the water in there too and it made me change to drinking only distilled water. That's when I first started to really pay attention to pulling the crap out of my diet.

I mean, I'd already long shunned the partially hydrogenated soy dung and artificial sweeteners and MSG and frozen dinners, but after reading that letter to the maniac down in Boonville, living with a high functioning madman as I was at the time, I began to get serious.

Funny how every passing year brings more things to get serious about and more things "they" say are "medically necessary" to drop from one's mindscape. After a whole life of this stuff seeming to shift with the winds, I finally got to the point where I had to choose between using my own head and putting a bullet through it.

The last straw came when Old Uncle Dave, an early adopter of life on the tubes, sent me a link to something on Tom Paine dot Common Sense, a site that has morphed into something quite more frankly progressive-fascist than its earlier incarnation would have been quite so explicit about. Anyway, I don't even remember what it was, but I remember that it was a piece that threw a pie in the face of some incarnation of sacred American propaganda or other.

I was shocked! I used the "contact" button to demand, "Who are you?" I mean, who can just get in the public space and declare this kind of outrageous shit and expect me to believe him? He replied humbly with his credentials as someone worthy of reporting news and opinions, and, though, it seemed righteous enough on its face, it in no way sparkled enough to induce me to change my mind about any bit of the human knowledge base I thought I had down pat.

Far from the fully expectable sequel to such an exchange, it bumped me over to a question that had never entered my head to consider until that moment. Who on the face of this planet has the credentials to tell me what's what and it is bankable?



Not only is it feasible people have been pumping me full of shit that serves their ends — parents, teachers, writers, broadcasters, politicians, employers, bag ladies, Walter Effing Cronkite — for me to believe, it's actually likely! Not even the most sainted and altruistically-motivated crusaders for life, liberty and the pursuit of decency are completely trustworthy. They have egos. They think they exist. They're deluded as fuck!

So. How can I get all over the world for everything that happens and check for certain the veracity of all these zillions of inputs coming at me from all ten directions and even points in between them? I can't! There's no way to verify actuality anywhere out of my senses! How can that be? It's not even nice, let alone fair, to be born here if there's no way to align with the actual.

The world could be any old thing, any old atrocity if I can't know what's what!

The ancients, who called this world "Endurance", insisted we have six senses. They included our mentation, our mental sense organ. There lies the route to sanity. We are equipped to know actuality. It serves certain people that we should, above all else, be trained away from ever taking that route.

My neighbor who just lost her leg to her disinclination to deal with cleaning up her diet is way more unhappy about having made that choice than she ever dreamed could follow a decision to keep taking pills and shots instead of ceasing to poison herself at every meal. She made that choice because psychopaths figured out they could have everything they ever wanted if humans could be led off into the dark and kept there.

Are you really going to keep sitting there in the dark pretending you can see?

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