i could've spent more time with putin

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I was having so much trouble with the others in the institution where I lived. I was supposed to be going out on a mission with one of them, an older guy, and it was very important. We were going because we were the only ones who could get it accomplished, do the right things.

The complex of rooms was very Escheresque and I was needing to go to them looking for this older man, my partner... well... he was supposed to assist me, but he'd gone off to do it already or to meet me where I wasn't and I was needing to get to his room to trace him, get this thing accomplished, but I did not know which room was his, and here are all these other guys hanging around and none of them being helpful in getting me to the right room.

I think I was hoping to find evidence of where he thought he was going to meet me, and the hour was getting late. There was all manner of shrugging and idiotic snippets of vague ideas about where the room was. I did go to a room with one guy who thought he knew the right one, but it looked like a little old lady's digs, hard to believe this crusty old Buddhist would hole up in that, and there were no clues, so I found myself back out in the common areas, asking again.

And starting to get a little shrill, a little incredulous, irked about the general befogglement. It wasn't that nobody cared. They all cared, but they were all acting like cooked noodles sent to do a knife's job. There was starting to be a crowd of wet noodles. I was thinking of flying out of my body.

Not where I shoo me off like a swarm of bugs, but where I blow out of form and my body crumbles like a withered husk below me. I was about that vexed. Vladimir Putin came through the congregated noodle men and said, "I'll take you to him."

He had time to tell me not to make a big deal out of it, psychically, because it was the first time he had shown himself to be on my side, wanting to help me, publicly, with no excuse of mere politeness, before I woke here in my body from elation.


always and any time....