it matters

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Contrary to the bliss ninnies' bit about love and light and not being negative and light beings from Neptune, there really is something that is being decimated in us, on purpose, by despicable psychopaths to keep us frozen in our tracks. Each of us has what the ancients referred to as the storehouse consciousness. It's where everything that comes into any of your six senses goes to color everything in your life.

News junkies, and most particularly those with political hangups and geopolitical outrage, but also your basic schmuck scanning, say, the Daily Mail, are crippled by their addiction/s. Even subliminally the crap in the headlines, each scrap, adds another iota of darkness to your storehouse. Every ion of it adds into the gestalt, adds up to a paralyzing spiritual brume.

You don't realize the imperative of finding, making, visiting, celebrating, noting and continually returning to beauty, to fun, to pleasant things and feelings. Not graspingly. Not glomming onto them or letting your credit card smoke from them or replacing everything real with them. No. Just adding them to your storehouse.

You must not grab what you want or push away what you do not. You must float, and you cannot forget that storehouse adds up to the look and feel and energy and output, every breath, of your whole life.

This world is designed to make you forget these crucial things. They are crucial to the survival and evolution of human being, and almost certainly to the fate of everything within our range.

always and any time....