rotten way to start my rotten day

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I didn't see this on Granma English, but maybe it takes a while to go up in translation. Don't read the comments or you'll start having handguns dancing in your head.

I'm going to the dentist this afternoon. They are going to clean my teeth so I can stand sitting near myself, this expense having been put off so long that I can no longer wait to afford it, and right after my teeth are all clean, the dentist is going to come in and yank the one above the one that was yanked two years ago, it having loosened from its mooring and become infected.

After my whole life of careful oral hygiene, this is extremely demoralizing, but I think, really, that it was the Vitamin D deficiency that did me in. My teeth were all loose from it. Even though they tightened back up again after I got enough D back in my blood, I think this would not have happened but for that life-threatening condition.

And almost everyone my age is, while maybe not as deficient as I was, is extremely unhealthily low on Vitamin D, even if they spend enough time in the sun. Unless you are scrupulously eating only the very cleanest food on this planet, you are also deficient in other nutrients and way overburdened with toxins of despicably insidious character.

You will be lucky if all it does is make you lose some teeth.

Take your motherfucking vitamins or I'll brain you with my frying pan.

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