department of no shit sherlock

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My body was trying to warn me for decades. I complained about the up and down weight thing to the doctor every time I saw one. One time I lost so much weight so fast it even caused them to retest my thyroid. They tested my blood for thyroid hormones more times than probably any other thing in my life and, still, "within normal limits".


Smart enough to become an MD and not smart enough to figure out right away what's wrong with this picture? Are you kidding me? And does this not put the lie to the bit about people becoming doctors out of a desire to help people? People become doctors to make money. Full stop. Being able to dress it up with altruistic sounding excuses is just a bonus.

Furthermore, "they" had to know this wasn't going to turn out well when they decided to fluoridate tap water in the first place. They knew it was toxic going in. The very best patina you can put on it is that they were using us all as guinea pigs, but that they don't stop puts the lie to even that nice an interpretation.

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