the best one for dropping off into dreams

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Is this one. Perfect for my aching nerves. I'm going to look for more good ones to put on my playlist, because, even though it gets very repetitive, there's newer, better, deeper, also riveting points in each piece I find to tack onto it.

This one does the best job of reminding you that you came from a tribe too. It was just so thoroughly erased by the time you got offloaded onto this continent you had no concept of it. You were already maimed beyond all reasonable expectation of repair centuries before your grandparents were born.

This is the excusable part of full immersion in the politics of racial pride and prejudice, the effort to recall when we were whole... but it is gone, gone even more completely than the people we helped erase when we came here from Europe in the first place.

Most tribes here have to rely on the depredations of the elders' imaginations to try to recover bits of their wholeness, but Europeans have to rely on the imaginations of disparate hotheads who think they have insight into the grand erasures of our multifarious origins... almost all of it laced with really puerile resentments.

It's sooooo difficult to find, but there are still examples of true human adulthood walking around. Sometimes I think I will die without them, but that would be betrayal, so I don't.

always and any time....