i've been sounding sexist lately

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But, sorry, sometimes men can be such wimps.

And, for the millionth time, psychedelics are not going to awaken you. They do not turn you into a great enlightening being if you only stick with them long enough. Never will it happen that way. ALL they do is show you that you CAN awaken, that there's another consciousness for you, that this one isn't all, or even the best, there is. If you're lucky, you can get so far as to hear yourself tell this slave consciousness how to make a start at getting out of hell.

Don't get trapped in fascination with anything like it's royalty and you're supplicant. Don't cringe in terror of retaking your own life... worse than a sniveling little girl... going all puerile belligerent about the stupid laws, trying to play manly on a side note for a victory beside the point, and quaking inside before a mere hint. There's work to do. Man up.

You have nothing to lose but your abjection and everything in the cosmos to gain.

always and any time....