stop dreaming

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Just plain stop. Take a look.

Neither humans nor psychopaths are fit for these feats of technology. Leadership has to stop going to the scariest and the slickest. The private physics has to stop being private. Humans have to stop going along to get along... and scientists maybe most of all of us.

Secret Space Program? Not only should it not be secret, but it should not be happening at all. You can't think of one good reason earth humans should be reaching for the moon, let alone asteroids and other planets or stars! The space station is even stretching it when we've littered our entire near earth orbit. Better to concentrate on thinning that out any way we can, and then talk Virgin Galactic.

Don't give me no crap about needing new worlds or the ability to get off this one in case of impending doom. We are maniacal little children even when we're not outright psychopaths.

Control over progress has to be in the hands of adults of wisdom and probity and insight who are in possession of every bit of information that bears on their decision making.

We are not even to the point where we can deal with a global knowledge base because we can't even verify events that don't happen right in front of us. Sometimes not even those because our multifarious mental hangups immediately skew our perceptions of them, let alone how we then communicate them to others.

Humans have to advance spiritually and mentally before we can cope with any of this.

You might think all my imprecations to buckle down to your own enlightenment are just me being partisan for Zen, just me doing a sort of abstruse form of bragging. You fucks. It's me telling you that we can't be out there masturbating in public over our ability to nano-ize things when nano-anything-but-maybe-water is quite probably lethal to all living things... any cell wall that is permeable... and cells don't live if they are not permeable. That's just one example of the murderous idiocy we loose upon our environs while convinced of our cleverness.

No. The only subject that advances humanity and beneficence itself is enlightening human being.

The entire purpose of all the distractions and entrainment and mindfucking and murderating and bedazzlement is to prevent you from waking up to fundamental reality. It has ever been thus, and you can't ever craft an argument gorgeous enough to alter that fact one iota. That is supposed to be the advantage of human computation over machine computation: That you can realize this and stop banging your head against the wall and griping about your headache.

always and any time....