a good night's sleep and de oirish

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It's raining big and coooold. I even turned on my heater to get it up into the 50s in here. More than twelve hours, straight through. I just turned on a long playlist of Swagger interviewing the multifarious researchers of Out There and hit the sack.

I know I was dreaming big, but I have a feeling it's not going to come back to me because I got up once to pee and then back down like I'd never left the bed. I really hate forgetting my dreams. The only thing worse is feeling as though I haven't had any. They say nootropics really help with that, but those are for rich people.

Agent BB2 reports the rest of you are getting the rain and snow and cold.... Maybe there will be a snow pack after all. Maybe the guys who've been pushing out all our weather to bury the middle of the country in snow have seen that droughting out the food source for most of the world isn't optimal.

Anyway, I recall opining that it would be just like this psychopathic weather scene to dump our whole winter on us late, and it's late... and it's definitely more wintery just now than all winter. So... today I'm listening about psychopaths... because if I can catch the wave maybe I can be better opposition.

always and any time....