cells cannot block nanoparticles

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Plant or animal, mox nix, a cell cannot protect itself from nanoparticles. There is grave reason to believe this whole "climate change" malarky was turned into a political football to mindfuck the human inhabitants of this planet so thoroughly we cannot resist them, cannot stop their weather warfare and efforts to turn all our food GMO and cull those of us unable to mutate up to be fit to live in this shit.

Maybe we even deserve it.


Strikes me I need to make sure you have listened to this. I know I made a hairy deal out of it before, on the day and for days after, but you ignore me most of the time. There are tons and tons of darn lucid bits coming out of Carlson over the course of those three hours you don't want to spend. It's worth it. It's way worth it, and it can be a monster big help for those trying to maintain some balance and lucidity out here in the barrage of bull dung from scientism and lice eggs from politicians.

You've already been programmed to think we've got too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. You're being conditioned to believe this is making methane mount up as well. We can't tell if it's right or wrong or on purpose or accidental or beyond our ability to control or ameliorate or if amelioration wouldn't just make it worse, whatever "it" is to begin with.

This programming and the steady conditioning that brings it about have a bad habit of lodging in our brains like default settings, even when we're really vigilant about looking all the way into it and deciding for ourselves or remaining unconvinced about it. We don't even have to be convinced anymore! They get it lodged in there simply by repetition. They wear us down.

Listen to Randall. And apply it to the conditioning. If need be, bonk the default setting off your control board with it.

always and any time....