i've had prissy pounded out of me

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Seriously. Unremitting foul language at the high tone law firm... somewhere around, say, the middle of my third year there a swear word probably issued from my lips for the first time since I learned too late that a swear word even was a swear word. Hanging with homeless people. Partying at exclusive clubs. Out to dinner with a rock star. At a club with a bunch of rock stars and movie stars. At the beach. At a rodeo. In a bar. Living with a logger. On the street. At the dentist's office. Not in a library. In the hospital. At the races. Pumping gas. Getting my hair cut.


Fucking awesomely smutty language so usual it doesn't even sound ugly anymore.

But this was too coarse, and stupid, for me.

Still. It makes a point.

always and any time....