look at their faces

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I was around when Cuba was liberated. I was a member of a household where the TV went on directly after dinner every night, and while I mostly had to be in bed by 7pm, the news was definitely there every weeknight at our house.

We were perfect Americans. By the book. All the right lifestyle. All the right media. Including the magazines with the big pictures. I knew all the faces from before I knew I knew all the faces. I had my own take before I knew I had my own take.

I was not yet lobotomized by social conditioning and I had way more brain cells back then. I don't even remember what they were saying about him, but I do remember thinking he was cool, that he was a hero, and so when they were being all negative about him and suspicious that he'd killed Kennedy, I was not having that for part of a minute.

Wasn't having the Oswald crap for a split second.

Then, as the years dragged on, and all the propaganda was settling upon the population, still, never did I fall for it. I knew the people adored him and that he deserved it.

always and any time....