our new sheriff sent a swat team after them

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They stole a car. So that automatically calls for snipers in kevlar, right? Still, this one, allegedly, got away and was seen by residents roaming around beautiful downtown Smith River with a rifle in hand the next day. Still. They nailed him in Crescent City days later. They're bragging about locking down the school while not finding him.

So, but, now, today I decide to look at the TwitFace page for the local paper, and see:
Authorities have confirmed that a suspected assault with a vehicle on the 200 block of Westbrook Lane in Smith River sent two people with injuries to Sutter Coast Hospital Tuesday evening.

According to scanner traffic just after 5 p.m., one victim was bleeding from the head, and a reporting party believed he was “ready to die.” The extent of injuries sustained by the second victim was unknown at the time transport was being requested.
Jacob Kupecz, 25, was arrested Tuesday evening by Del Norte County Sheriff’s deputies after a suspected assault with a vehicle around 5 p.m. on the 200 block of Westbrook Lane in Smith River that sent two people to Sutter Coast Hospital, one with reportedly life-threatening injuries.

Kupecz is suspected of attempted murder and force or assault with a deadly weapon, great bodily injury likely.
I haven't seen Snail MacGyver for months because some drug-addled maniac from the trailer park next to the rez has been threatening him and his wife... and his meth-addled son has been out ripping people off willy-nilly... which might be part of why the maniac is after him and his wife... or... that's just frosting.

If you came here, just picked any random spot to stand outside and do a slow three sixty, you would be murmuring, "Paradise, paradise, paradise...." You'd be stoked by how gorgeous it is. Yet, the siren at the local fire house blasts whenever there is a 911 call, and that is rarely less than three times in any given 24-hour period.

Downtown consists of a closed BBQ joint, a closed supermarket, a coffee kiosk, a Mexican food truck, a breakfast and burger joint in a trailer, the post office, and a bar. Dairies. Easter lily fields. Church. Elementary school. Band Council office. Grange hall. Population 800-ish.

The crime rate seems to me to be out of all proportion with lucidity.

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