reminded me — don't let the wookie win

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About thirty-five years ago or so, Hong and Trish and I were on our way up into the Sierra to go camping. Suddenly everything on 50 came to a halt and there was all kinds of yelling and smoke and cars with doors flung wide.

A bus full of families on their way to Tahoe had gone off the road and crashed down somewhere on the way to the south fork of the American. There were about eight cars ahead of us. It had just happened. There were already four guys down to pull people out of the wreck and two guys up manning ropes.




This mechanism would prevent psychopaths from taking control of everything... every time. That is an inalterable truth. The only way around it is to use it against us. To lie. To mindfuck us with lies and scary stuff so relentlessly it blanks out sense and turns the lies into reasons we have to fight and kill people who are not and have never been our enemies.

Psychopaths do this to humans for fun... like playing chess.


The hero has been identified... but, really, it would've been any of us.

always and any time....