they know not what they've done

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Which galls me. It galled me when Lucas bought the place, which was a dairy ranch near one of my great-grandfather's. When I was a teenager I used to go smoke dope with the caretakers who lived in the one habitable building left on the property, next to a "ghost town" from back in the 1800s that had been, really, just a smithy and a place where the workers and ranchers could come get stuff they needed, not really a town.

I'm sure Lucas thought he was "improving" the place when he tore it all down to build his compound, but none of the natives saw it that way. And after him came all these damn wealthy pinheads, for which Marin has become known, and they're being pissy about him building a studio? Really? They're going to fucking pop simultaneous aneurysms if he gets his way now... and! In twenny years the Lucas Valley burbs that are already completely out of hand will have overtaken them. Skywalker Ranch will be Skywalker Mall... with a Wal-Mart and a Target.

And the denizens of Nicasio will have erected a Great Wall of China replica, complete with mercenary guard forces to keep so much as one more overpaid apprentice psychopath from ruining their lives.

always and any time....