this pisses me off

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He's the hero of the psychonauts and he's at least as bad a left-brain-weighted nincompoop as Terence was. There is no pill for it. Don't be a jackass. Psychedelics can be very helpful to knock people out of the mass hypnosis and to help convince people there are other brain states and ones that might end up working better for everyone, but there's no goddam pill for it!

He practiced Zen for twenty years and that's the best he can say for Zen realization? He certainly never had it and if there were any decent teachers available to the public he might've been able to at least make a better stab at pretending he knows what he's talking about, but, no, and... heavy sigh... I guess that's a mercy, but it still makes me crazy that really brilliant people who spend their whole lives on it, still miss it by parsecs every fucking time!

I wasn't going to bring it up because it's horse shit, but he's bringing out another book and will be all over the place with this rap and, because you have the sense to consult me on this sort of thing, you get to know in advance that he's full of shit.

always and any time....