nothingness having a nervous breakdown

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Duncan Trussell describes the Corpus Hermeticum... the topological metaphor... the cause of the big bang. But only between about 32:45 and 35:45. The rest is mostly insufferable. So you can just move the bar to the right spot and listen for three little minutes and get the gist of life, the universe and everything.

It's very strange how this keeps coming at me lately from every direction and in every way of saying it, this ultimate secret is blathering right out of a whole bunch of us, in public, and nobody seems to grok what that actually means.

Vexing. Frustrating. Stultifying. WTF? But maybe instead of sliding right on into it and through it like every meme and fad before pressing on to the next meme or fad, maybe, this one will sink in and enough people will finally start acting sensibly.



always and any time....