the reason these fucks have grapes

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Is to get out of property taxes on their fucking mansions. They don't know jack about vineyards, or care, and they don't care jack about the environment, or bother to know.

They bothered to know they could get out of property tax if they planted this crop on a certain percentage of it. They then pay Mexicans to tend the vines and sell their crop to a real winery every year, so they actually come out with a profit instead of paying their share for things like infrastructure and schools, little shit like that.

This is precisely why I nearly killed myself to save 80K acres of cutover timberlands in Mendocino from being turned into a REIT. Those fucks were taking their only route to rezoning that property into something that could accommodate wealthy fucks who don't want to pay taxes and will get into THE most watershed destructive business of them all.

Sons of bitches, all.

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