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It could mark a pivot in history bigger than humanity has ever encountered. It might herald cataclysm in the ongoing battle between good and evil, or transcendence of the hulking physics of immoderation and delusion once and for all.

I don't know where I'm going to fall down on this yet, but I know my capitalist pinhead friends, Catherine and Joseph are not happy with it one little bit, and for the peerlessly decent reason that the private physics moots most of the basis for this encyclical... and their suspicion that the pope well knows it.

I don't think that can be assumed... and there could be a few zhillion beneficiencies inhering its publication, intentional or otherwise, their fixation on capital prevents them considering... so far.

It so happens that I've just spent a couple days on Daniel's approach to grassrootsing us away from the worst incarnations of capitalism by treating this encyclical as a springboard to an entirely new economic system.

This could be the ultimate reason [atop a mound of other epic life lessons] the buddhas of the ten directions made sure I got to that conference last year down in the belly of the beast. So I have a shit ton of reading and thinking and meditating to do.


hours later, sighing heavily....

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I bet Danny is battling an oceanic sense of disappointment right about now, the final encyclical having been a great deal less activist than he was led to believe, or than his Jesuit contacts were only hoping would get set out for the world, and the faithful in particular.

I don't suppose Francis is suicidal... and didn't when I heard Danny talking about this and what was being contemplated to follow it up... but just in case it was true it made me want to read the whole thing rather than take others' words for it.

It was watered down considerably. Still, this does not mean the plan is not still in place to give this general attitude a lot more force than it seems on its face... something that might not be as bad as a lot of you might, or, honestly, clearly, already do, pretty much automatically think... just going to unfold a little more slowly, perhaps even in a manner that leaves less room for the psychopaths to elude its force.

I don't know, but seems to me we could cut him that much slack for now.

It might actually be someone clued-in Francis about the private physics tech currently only being used covertly before his status outside the loop created problems for those insiders who might be still in the process of wresting control of that secret tech from psychopathic hands.

Yeah, yeah, that's an optimistic thought, but believing in our fundamental goodness, despite the mountains of putrescence being dumped on it every minute of every day, I can't help but see where the means to overcome the worst are still at hand. So the pope might have decided to give them moral support instead of creating another detour in their efforts.

Just a thought. Just a thought.

Still, the encyclical sounds to me as though Francis had consulted Solari, Inc. for the wording, and it specifically denounced any of the despicable tricks contemplated as ways climate change can provide the perfect excuse for a new global tax, leaving the thing in its entirety pretty much just a long disquisition on how our environment is even more vital to us than profit, and it is our duty as decent humans, insofar as human action destroys environment, to take that into account and protect each other and our fellow living things from forgetting that fact.

It's impossible to disagree with that.

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