i'm sick to death of it

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I know, I know, there's a lot I'm too sick of to want to hassle with it ever again. Racism. Fuck. My whole life it's been going on, or being made to keep going on, or whatever. Fuck it. I'm sick of it. I just wish you wouldn't be led to think you have to kill each other over it.

And the "holocaust". I am beyond the beyond sick of having that shoved down my throat everywhere I turn. The hatefulness of these sniveling and murderating little "victims" is suffocating. It's so bad I'm sorely tempted to consider that Hitler may have been a really good guy and getting mountains of nasty propaganda dumped on him in perpetuity for daring to try to raise the prospects of his countrymen.

I mean, Ahmadinejad got that treatment for it, and Gaddafi got that treatment for it, and Chávez got that treatment for it, and Che got that treatment for it, and Fidel gets that treatment for it, and Putin gets that treatment for it. How many others? How do we know Pol Pot wasn't a goddam saint the psychopaths decided to besmirch beyond anyone's temptation to be that nice?

We don't!

We only think we do because it's been shoved down our throats by people taking their cues from the space lizards, and that's what I keep trying to tell you is the whole problem. Not that wiping them out will fix things, but that becoming someone they can't manipulate like that solves it.

You think I'm intolerant of these idiot polemics clearing a swath through which psychopaths can manifest their will? No. No. Don't be a jackass. The intolerant ones are the ones clearing that swath for them.

Every motherfucking time!

You stupid sheep.

You assholes who can't master your servants.

always and any time....